Adventure (Soft-Staking) Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adventuring?
Adventuring is the core of what it means to be a 3Lander!! Practically, it serves as a way for us to earn rewards as we travel through 3Land via soft staking!
Why is a signature required?
Providing a signature is a safe and effective method of proving ownership of an ethereum address. Adventuring in 3Land does not require any contract interaction.
What is soft staking?
Soft staking is a form of staking where individuals are rewarded for holding their NFTs without having to send them to an escrow contract! They'll stay in your wallet, and you'll be rewarded as you venture through 3Land.
Which 3Landers NFTs can I adventure with?
3Landers can be soft staked to accrue rewards over time. Ships serve as a multiplier for the rewards that 3Landers earn! Crews aboard eligible ships will earn crew-based rewards!
Will my NFTs leave my wallet?
No! Soft staking doesn't require any contract interaction, and instead works by verifying which 3Landers NFTs you hold to reward points! You'll be able to accrue rewards without ever needing to send your NFTs anywhere!
Can I stake and earn rewards with multiple 3Landers?
Of course! Each 3Lander is treated as an individual, and must embark upon their own adventure while facing their own unique perils! Each 3Lander will accrue rewards!
Can I list my 3Lander NFTs while adventuring?
To be eligible for Adventuring rewards, your 3Landers NFTs must be in your wallet and not listed on an NFT marketplace.
What kinds of rewards will I find while adventuring?
We will be hearing much more about this as we set sail together in the coming days!! Keep an eye on the Announcements channel in our Discord for updates!